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It doesn't often snow in Mendoza in June, but our winemakers welcome the frost for our very special Antracita dessert wine.
Belasco De Baquedano Winery

About Argentine Malbec — Malbec Wines by Belasco De Baquedano

Argentine Malbec
“By the year 2015, the greatness of Argentinean wines made from the Malbec grape will be understood as a given. This French varietal has reached startling heights of quality in Argentina. Both inexpensive, delicious Malbecs and majestic, profoundly complex ones from high-elevation vineyards are already being produced, and by 2015 this long-ignored grape's place in the pantheon of noble wines will be guaranteed.”

Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate, December 2007

Exclusively Malbec … Exceptionally Exquisite

Malbec [mahl-BEHK]

A black Bordeaux grape that thrives in Argentina. If you think you know Malbec because you’ve tasted the French original, you’re wrong! The best-crafted Argentine Malbecs enjoy similar flavor to those made in Europe, but with softer, lusher structure.

Successful Argentine Malbec growers know that, in order to develop full maturity and distinction, Malbec needs "hang time" even after sugar levels indicate ripeness. Otherwise, immature Malbec can be very "green" tasting, without its characteristic notes of plum and anise.

Another difference: where French examples are usually considered short-lived, Argentine Malbecs age well.