Belasco De Baquedano Winery

About Argentine Malbec — Malbec Wines by Belasco De Baquedano

Belasco de Baquedano
Cobos 8260, LujŠn deCuyo, Mendoza, Argentina
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Belasco de Baquedano's winery and restaurant are open daily without appointment. However, due to popularity, 24 hours' reservation is recommended.

(011) (0054) (261) 524-7864

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The Winery — Visit Us

Pass through the stately gates of Belasco de Baquedano, down a long, smooth dirt driveway that stretches between the vineyards and up to the massive front door of the stunning modern Mayan-style five-story building.

Once inside, the tasting lounge beckons, the wood bar framed by oversized portraits of Argentine landscapes. Private tastings are offered upstairs in a glass-walled room overlooking the vineyards and the magnificent Andes soaring to the west, at a custom table outfitted with individual sinks and glass racks at each seat.

In this state-of-the-art facility, everything gleams, from red lacquered concrete floors throughout, to shiny stainless steel tanks, to burnished oak barrels that rest behind brick arched windows.

The high-tech set-up is designed as much for function as it is for "wow" factor. Only one cellar worker is required during non-harvest seasons, and a few during harvest, thanks to conveniences such as mechanical steam barrel washers, small lot sorters and destemmers, and individually pumped tanks. As modern design website Build LLC describes the ambience, "The spaces are stark and almost monastic in their simplicity and minimalism. When not in use, the immense empty rooms are cleaned to perfection."

Other modern techniques include refrigerated grape chambers, gravity-driven grape delivery from sorting table to tank, delestage, and a temperature- and humidity-controlled lounge for bottle storage.

Aroma Room - Unlock the Nuances of Wine

Butter. Geranium. Game. Musk and mint and mushroom. These are not things you may instantly associate with wine, but at Belasco de Baquedano's "Hall of Aromas," they are just a few of the intriguing scents that invite visitors to explore the many olfactory nuances of the noble grape.

As the only one of its kind and scale in the Americas, the Hall presents 46 such fragrances contained in clear Plexiglas posts that line up along the walls of a long, rectangular room. Twist a lever on the side of a post, a baffle spins, and an intense fragrance is released from a small capsule of oil.

More than just a novelty, Belasco's Aroma Hall reveals many levels of a well-crafted wine's nose, which adds greatly to its art and appreciation.

The Aroma Hall doubles as a tank room. Like the rest of the winery, tanks are set beneath the floors so just the silver-tone cap shows above burgundy colored concrete and below red walls dotted with warm spotlights. "The red tones and glowing perimeter lamps are straight out of a Stanley Kubrick film," says Build LLC.

Navarra Restaurant

Perched on the top floor of the brick building, the Navarra Restaurant offers a lavish lunch in a broadly terraced room with spectacular views of the Andes. With seating for about 40, and service from noon to 4 p.m. daily, it offers upscale South American cuisine designed to complement just one wine varietal: Malbec. The four-course prix-fixe meal is paired with each of Belasco's four wines, and it's a full feast.

A sample menu might include:

1st course: Tapas of jamon crudo, golden chorizo empanadas, tiny crusty buns stuffed with soft cheese and ripe tomato, fried zucchini nuggets, a shot glass filled with savory mashed corn for dunking breadsticks, tangy olives, and fresh bread with pepper-infused butter. Wine: Malbec Rosa de Argentina rosť.

2nd course: Lentil salad with vegetable brunoise, goat cheese and lemon. Wine: Llama.

3rd course: Argentina's world-renowned beef in spicy chimichurri sauce with crispy roasted potatoes. Wine: Swinto and AR Guentota.

4th course: Bread pudding with vanilla ice cream and custard sauce.

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