Alto Agrelo
Lujan De Cuyo

  • Soil
    In all of Mendoza, Lujan De Cuyo, the Agrelo district is considered one of the most important growing sites throughout Argentina. Often referenced as “The Golden Mile”, the sandy fine-grained soils rest atop silt and clay deposits and are considered some of the best in the province.
  • Weather
    Situated 3,346 feet above sea level, the natural growing conditions are ideal for the production of premium wines. Warm days are offset by cool nights, plunging by as much as 45ºF. With very little rainfall throughout the growing season, the vines still benefit from the close proximity of the Andes fueling the Mendoza River.
  • Focus
    The number one varietal grown in Alto Agrelo is Malbec. The combination of each of these elements allows for an extraordinary variance that enhances richness of wine's aroma, deepen the color, and balances the body.