Belasco de Baquedano

  • Pass through the stately gates of Belasco de Baquedano, down a long, smooth dirt driveway that stretches between the vineyards and up to the massive front door of the stunning modern Mayan-style five-story building. Once inside, the tasting lounge beckons with the wood bar framed by oversized portraits of Argentine landscapes. Private tastings are offered upstairs in a glass-walled room overlooking the vineyards and the magnificent Andes soaring to the west, at a custom table outfitted with individual sinks and glass racks at each seat.

Aroma Room
Unlock the Nuances of Wine

  • The hall presents 46 fragrances contained in clear plexiglas posts that line up along the walls of a long, rectangular room. Twist a lever on the side of a post, a baffle spins, and an intense fragrance is released from a small capsule of oil. Like the rest of the winery, tanks are set beneath the floors so just the silver-tone cap shows above burgundy colored concrete and below red walls dotted with warm spotlights.

Navarra Restaurant
Spectacular Views of the Andes

  • Perched on the top floor of the brick building, the Navarra Restaurant offers a lavish lunch in a broadly terraced room with spectacular views of the Andes. With upscale South American cuisine designed to complement our old vine wines, you will enjoy a four-course prix-fixe meal paired with four of Belasco’s wines.

    Belasco de Baquedano's winery and restaurant are open daily without appointment. However, due to popularity, 24 hours' reservation is recommended.